How I Get High

About How I Get High

Hi! I’m Rick Proctor. I’ve been documenting the many faces of cannabis use and challenging the stoner stigma with which it has become synonymous. How I Get High focuses on the people who use it and the disparate lives they lead.

From people using it just for fun or decompressing from a long day to people using cannabis to treat serious illness – cannabis has a place in so many different homes.

With this project, my goal is to show that there are many types of cannabis users and one of them probably leads a very similar life to you. Hopefully this will help end some of the “stoner stigma” that people suffer from still to this day. Affecting their ability to get a job, acceptance to school and in some cases being turned about by your own doctor.

Cannabis is not cut and dry, or at least it shouldn’t be. Hopefully How I Get High will shed a light into the real people that use it, not just what you see on TV.

I’d love to hear your story of how cannabis has impacted your life. Positively or negatively. Please get in contact.